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The History and Times of Nungubane Game Lodge, in Welgevonden Game Reserve  

In the heart of South Africa, cradled within the rugged embrace of the Waterberg Mountains, lies a sanctuary that whispers tales of ancient landscapes and wildlife resurgence. This is the story of Welgevonden Game Reserve.

A Tale of Conservation

Welgevonden Game Reserve, the cradle of our Nungubane Game Lodge, is a story of restoration and revival. In 1987, the ambitious vision of Pienkes Du Plessis took flight. His dream was to erase every trace of human interference and reintroduce the animals that once called this land home. Through meticulous planning and dedicated efforts, Welgevonden transformed into a 37 000-hectare haven, a testament to what collective determination can achieve.

But the tale dates back much further. The Waterberg Mountain Range is a geological marvel that predates many of the world’s famous mountain ranges. The Waterberg, at a staggering 1800 million years old, is a canvas painted with the hues of iron, manganese, and sandstone. With cliffs that rise to 550 metres above the plains.

“The Waterberg was one of the last places in South Africa to be settled due to its rugged terrain and impenetrable landscape, it was the original home of the San, now long gone leaving behind evidence of their passing in their beautiful rock art depictions in sandstone shelters.

With the advent of the arrival of the Europeans in the 1800’s it was not long before all the

major species of herbivores were to disappear in a region of great wildlife biodiversity. Elephants, buffalo, giraffes, rhinos, hippos, lions and the great herds of wildebeest all fell to the gun. Livestock and crop farming became the principal activity for the next 70 years”, writes Clive Walker in the book, ‘Welgevonden, an African Wilderness Reborn’.

It was only when the vision of Pienkes Du Plessis of a protected area came be realised that slowly the situation began to change as more and more individuals recognised the value of setting land aside and restoring the wildlife that once freely roamed this mountain wilderness. Today, Welgevonden Game Reserve stands not only as a conservation triumph but as a testament to the harmony between humanity and nature.

The dream of Nungubane

Nungubane Private Game Lodge is a gem nestled in Welgevonden’s heart, offering a haven of luxury and tranquillity.

The origin of the lodge is a tale etched in the spirit of adventure and conservation. Having traversed the wild terrains of Africa, the current owner found his heart captured by Welgevonden’s timeless landscapes and in 1997, he laid the foundation of Nungubane Game Lodge, driven by a deep-seated passion for preserving Africa’s natural wonders.

Now can you imagine waking up in one of our five beautifully appointed chalets, greeted by the soft golden glow of the African sunrise? Each chalet immerses you in the lap of luxury while retaining an authentic connection with nature.

From your private deck, the world unfolds before you – a vast expanse of the Welgevonden Reserve stretching out, inviting you into its secrets. Here, the atmosphere is exclusive, intimate, and welcoming, ensuring that every guest feels like they are a part of something truly extraordinary.

Nungubane doesn’t just stop at offering a lavish stay; we craft an experience. A delightful pool invites you to cool off under the African sun, while an elevated viewing hide by the water hole promises awe-inspiring moments with the resident wildlife. Nungubane is not just a lodge; it’s a gateway to the soul of Africa.

Come and explore it for yourself!

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